Simplified Laboratory System

  • User Friendly and comprehensive Laboratory Management System
  • Completely secured and protected
  • Modular approach
  • Provision for Decision Support Databases
  • Integration with different international codes.
  • Easy Integration with any system
  • Helps in improving performance and management control


This system handles all operations of the laboratory and keeps track of all tests done to the patients. This system has modular approach integration with the EMR, Billing, Medical Record, Insurance, Inventory, Financial Accounting modules at the HIS through HL7 standard.

Main Features

The system keeps track of all the labs of the Hospital and the tests performed at the lab.

  • The system allows to print the report based upon test wise, profile wise, lab order etc.
  • The system provides full management to the samples and tests, and it also allows the users to view the patient diagnosis, medical history, patient medications, and the results of the tests.
  • The system shows all pending investigations ordered by different stations in the Hospital.
  • The system caters for different tests set-up which could be single lined, multi lined, group or separate form.
  • The system caters for custom defined lab sections, and allows the user to define the tests performed at each section.
  • The system maintains all lab units that are dealt with.
  • The system maintains all sample types that are dealt with.
  • The system maintains all codes that are dealt with .
  • The system caters for the LOINC codes.
  • The system shows in a special screen the tests census.
  • The Lab module supports international codes for lab tests.
  • The system tracks the lab tests through all stages.
  • The system electronically integrates to the laboratory equipments to receive orders automatically.
  • The system provide the working list for the scheduled tests.
  • The system having the multiple search filters for searching the new or old record.
  • System will allows to print test wise specimen or common specimen.
  • System is having auditing trail.
  • System is having special handling of specific test example Blood Group.

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