Simplified Radiology System

  • User Friendly and comprehensive RIS
  • Completely secured and protected
  • Modular approach
  • Provision for Decision Support Databases
  • Integration with International Drug Interaction Databases
  • Easy Integration with any system
  • Helps in improving performance and management control


Offers a fully integrated Radiology Information System that streamlines and integrates information flow. in your business. Using RIS, you can optimize your business processes and achieve high level of efficiency.

RIS is a web based modular system consisting of multiple modules and systems. It comprises of RIS Portal and various modules launched from the portal. It is based on Ajax framework and has rich interface architecture using client side web technologies. Java Technologies are used on the Server side.

RIS will help you in having Business Intelligence and proper reporting. The Executive Managers will be able to properly monitor the RIS and control the stores, purchases, validity, helping them in the decision-making process in a timely manner.

RIS was designed with scalability and flexibility in mind. The system is fully modular. You can add modules, setup new entities and companies, add users, vendors, customers, etc… without compromising the performance and speed.

The technology used to build the system allows for multiple level of security, ensuring high security and protection of data. Confidentiality of corporate information is guaranteed.

Main Features

  • Template based report writing.
  • It accommodates the required workflow in the hospital.
  • Supports use access privileges and user group definition.
  • Patient data can be managed.
  • It display patient notes.
  • It display examination note.
  • Capability to search the patients by multiple options.
  • Examination notes visible on reporting workstation.
  • It supports examination scheduling.
  • Capability of Appointment planning.
  • Set priorities for critical patient examination.
  • Documentation of examination parameters.
  • Documentation of examination with modality, procedure code and examined organ.
  • Documentation of participated/involved referring doctors, technicians, radiologists.
  • Documentation of Materials used for the patient.
  • Display all previous radiological examinations data.
  • Provides the report correction and release.
  • Produce multiple reports and statistics related to the radiology department.
  • It can be integrated with ICD-9 or 10 diagnostic codes.
  • Automatic report sending via an e-mail to external referral doctors.
  • It can be integrated with the speech dictation system.
  • Uni-directional communication between the RIS and HIS.
  • RIS supports HL7 standard interface, support also for all non-HL7 communication with HIS.
  • A complete billing systems and be able to generate patient bills and synchronize with the HIS server.
  • Coordinate with the HIS supplier on the scenarios and the interfaces.
  • WEB enabled RIS user interface for wards, direct examination scheduling, and direct report display.

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